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Term Project Of Philippines

From a regional , Southeast Asian perspective , the Archipelago Philippines is not a single linear chain of island consisting of Luzon Visayas and Mindanao . Rather , the archipelago has a bifurcate structure , like a letter A with two legs pointing to aligned centers farther south in Borneo , Malaysia , and Indonesia (Zaide , 1999The Philippines constitutes to a greater extent(prenominal) than 7 ,100 islands , but the 11 largest islands form most of the body politic s land argona . Many active volcanoes comprise its rough terrain . The location of the Philippines just north of the equator gives the earth a hold back tropical climate suited for the farming of export crops such as sugarcane , coconuts and pineapples . Agriculture has prospicient formed the backrest of the prudence (EncartaWikipedia (2006 ) cited that it wa s with the flummoxr of the setoff existence in the Philippines by land bridges at to the scummyest degree 30 ,000 long age ago , that its history began . The prototypic recorded visit from the atomic number 74 is the arrival of Ferdinand Magellan on Homonhon Island in Visayas on the course of instruction 1521 , and more settlements continue northward with the colonizers reaching the bay of manilla on the island of Luzon . In manilla they established a unexamp lead townspeople and thusly began an era of Spanish colonization that lasted for more than collar centuries , from year 1521 to1898 . The decline of Spanish rule was on 1898 when the American colonizers entered the dominion and they lasted to year 1946 . This was a period of time (1939-1945 ) that the Philippines was one of the start-off nations of Southeast Asia to try to industrialize its economy . It subsequently lagged behind most of its Asian neighbors in sparing development . Manila , located on east ce ntral Luzon Island , is the national smash! ing and largest city . The country s cultural institutions , industries , and federal governing body be concent driftd in this rapidly growing metropolitan sweep (EncartaThe unify State government granted partial self-direction ( res publica experimental condition ) in 1935 , this is in preparatory to a aforethought(ip) full independency in 1945 .However , the Japanese occupation of the islands during knowledge base war II interrupted the 10-year transition period from a commonwealth to a fully sovereign state that was en kened by the US . So that full independence was exclusively granted to the Philippines in July 1946In the year 1950s and 1960s economical perceptual constancy was attained in the country , when in mingled with 1960s and seventies under a corrupt potentate leadership of professorship Ferdinand Marcos that a rise of student activism and polished unrest led to the declaration of martial law in 1972 . Because of close ties in the midst of U .S . ho t seat Ronald Reagan and professorship Marcos the U .S . government go along to support Marcos even though his tribunal was well-known for long rottenness and extensive human rights affront . Filipinos who were fed up with the system held a peaceful and white 1986 EDSA Revolution , stock-still , brought about the ousting of Marcos (who fled to Hawaii on board a U .S . military helicopter , where he was exiled until his ending . From that time on a democracy for the country returned (Wikipedia ,2006 ) The Office of President was fol piteoused by President Cory Aquino (the wife of the juvenile Ninoy Aquino , the prime rivalry of President Marcos , then came President Ramos . The period since then , notwithstanding , has been marked by governmental asymmetry and hampered economic productivity . Several attempts of coup de etat and corruptions (along with various calamities ) are contributory f thespians to thisThen came the 1998 chairial election campaign which had ha rdly anything to do with a con shield between govern! mental ideologist and policy-making programs . As a drop out college student and an actor with minor prior political experience , Estrada ran for Presidency . Estrada s political strategies and backers were awake that a large share of the Philippine electorate had run low so dissatisfied and estranged from the ruling political selected that the measly and undereducated were looking for a change in leadership . A campaign strategy that reflected Estrada s pro-poor image that he had build up throughout his movie career soundly brought him to the component part of the presidency , and inspired the poor and uneducated with the look advancing to that his presidency is of and for the poor Inevitably , as early as 1999 his presidency was soon dogged by charges of plunder and corruption , and was reported to have spent long hours of drinking with swart characters . More charges on acquiring money from profits in illegal gambling which caused uproar across the nation , which culminated in Estrada s impeachment (Zaide , 1999On January 2001 thousands of protesters for Estrada s resignation were on the historical EDSA highway at the come in of the 1986 EDSA revolution that overthrew Ferdinand Marcos . The Armed Forces of the Philippines seeing the political exhilaration throughout the country , decided to withdraw its support from the President and transferred their dedication to the vice president , Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo as the new president . The new president charged him with plunder and had him arrested in April nether Filipino law , plunder has a maximum penalty of death , though it is unlikely that Estrada exit be prone that sentenceThe 2004 presidential election was widely seen as a test of legitimacy for the presidency of Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo . Arroyo outlined her vision of building a tight republic She articulated that a blind inebriate republic is characterized by a strong bureaucracy , low crime rate efficient collection of tax es , sustained economic growth and intensify counter! terrorism efforts . To this day , her vision of a strong republic has always been part of her government agenda . This is focussed on strengthening key political institutions (through constitutional amendments ) and a strong currency and booming economy which eventually will lead to a strong and correctly Philippine republic (http /www .news .op .gov .ph /pgma-10pt-agenda .htmBIBLIOGRAPHYCommittee Members of the Department of history , MSU-IIT . 2006 Philippines fib : ACompilation of Readings . Department of History , MSU-Iligan Institute of Technology . Iligan City : PhilippinesEncarta . 2006 . body politic of the Philippines . Encarta Online Encyclopedia . Websitehttp /encarta .msn .com /encyclopedia_0 /Philippines_Republic_of_th e .htmlWikipedia . 2006 . History of the Philippines . Wikipedia The Free EncyclopediaWebsite : http /en .wikipedia .org /wiki /History_of_the_PhilippinesZaide , Sonia M (1999 . The Philippines : A Unique Nation , All Nations Publishing . MertroMa nila : Philippines . ISBNPAGEPAGE 1 ...If you inadequacy to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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