Sunday, February 2, 2014

Of Mice And Men Discussion

Steinbecks novella offers us a very bad view of human existence. In Of Mice and Men he gives us characters whom atomic number 18 badly crippled in genius harp or another, and for whom a tragic ratiocination seems inevitable. Of Mice and Men is a novella by John Steinbeck, set in the good ground district of rural USA. It is a short storey of friendship, camaraderie, and discovery. However, it is a unsanded tommyrot, set in beautiful surrounds, which contrasts forthwith with the shadowy story. It would seem that every character that we are introduced to in Steinbecks novella are indeed crippled in both(prenominal) way. There are the emotionally crippled, like George. There are mental and physical cripples, like Lennie and edulcorate. Then there are those who are crippled both physically and emotionally, such as the luckless Crooks. Throughout the story, we never really get a grasp of any sort of happiness in these populates lives, so for these dim men and women, an equally bleak ending seems almost unavoidable, if not expected. I agree with this didactics in that just about every character that Steinbeck creates is in any(prenominal) way damaged. There are the obvious characters, such as Lennie and Candy. Lennie suffers from some form of mental deficiency, while Candy has suffered a loss of his arm. Lennie is perhaps the most blissful of the characters, done bare(a) unawareness. He loves and idolises George, and it only takes a simple story to put one across him happy. However Candy knows that being senior and disabled, his condemnation working on the farm is limited, and that as soon as he finds himself without a job he will be ineffectual to fend for himself. For this reason he cannot speak his object close to the farm, for fear of getting the sack. Candy is a nongregarious mature man, whose only real friend is his feeble old dog, in which he sees himself. When refuge from this lonely existence comes, he grabs at i t, offering George his entire fortune, only ! to be one of the characters left-hand(a) forlornly in the wake of the tragic ending of the novel. Then...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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