Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Religion And Environment

morality and Environment Page 1 of 7 Religion and Environment What role does pietism play in geological formation our attitude towards the indwelling hu earthness? One answer was proposed in 1967 by UCLA History prof Lynn etiolated, Jr., who wrote an article entitled, The Historical Roots of Our ecologic Crisis (Science 155(3767):1203-1207, 1967). In this article, he said that the western sandwich worlds attitudes towards spirit were shaped by the Judeo-Christian tradition (he also include Islam and Marxism within this over all in all tradition). This tradition, White wrote, involved the concept of a world created solely for the expediency of man: God be after all [of concept] explicitly for mans usefulness and rule: no item in the physical creation had any purpose exempt to serve mans purposes. Along with this, Western Christianity disconnected human tend from nature. In older religious traditions, humans were seen as position of nature, rather than the rule r of nature. And in animistic religions, there was believed to be a spirit in all(prenominal) tree, mountain or spring, and all had to be respected. In limit with paganism and Eastern religions, Christianity non only established a dualism of man and nature scarcely also insisted that it is Gods will that man exploit nature for his suitable ends. White noted that Christianity was a complex faith, and discordent branches of it differ in their outlook. notwithstanding in general, he proposed that Christianity, and Western elegance as a whole, held a view of nature that separated humans from the rest of the natural world, and encouraged exploitation of it for our protest ends. at that place has been much intelligence of these ideas, and they have been both attacked and back up ( somewhat of this discussion is referenced below). But there is no doubt that this article raised some important questions. There is much literature on the set of religious beliefs and traditions on a persons attitude toward the natural envir! onment. What follows is a sampling of discussions of viewpoints of...If you indirect request to get a full essay, ready it on our website:

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