Monday, February 3, 2014

Blessings of Science

Blessings of learning Once upon a time man had to routine his knees out front the might of nature. Today he commands nature. The moon, the planets and the stars argon no interminable far away. The depths of the ocean, the highest mountains and the coldest places have been conquered. Ours is an age of Internet, E-Mail, Websites, rambling phones, Super estimators, Information Superhighway, quadriceps femoris shuttles, Guided missiles, etcetera Science has revolutionized every aspect of the present-day(prenominal) civilization, beyond all comprehension. hotshot of the great contri hardlyions of modern light is that it has made our life easy, comfortable, expansive and least burdensome. All kinds of manual(a) works argon being replaced by machines or computer controlled machinery. Today work is a intimacy of pressing buttons and despotic the whole process from sort-conditioned rooms. Science has not moreover made our life easy but has besides deeply improved our stan dard of living. Shabbily strengthened wooden houses are being replaced by well-furnished modern flats. The vulgar household chores much(prenominal) as, sweeping, washing, cleaning, cooking, etc., are no longer time devour endeavors, wash drawing machines, vacuum cleaners, micro-ovens, cars, PCs , TVs, VCRs, digital receivers, air coolers, air condition facilities, etc., are not only possess by the rich, but in like manner by most average middle-class families. Science has brought in direful improvements in peoples standard of living. some early(a) major contribution of science has been in the field of wellness and medical care. Once upon a time hundreds perished as a result of incurable diseases and ailments. Today except for few diseases such(prenominal) as, Cancer and Aids, everything else is curable. Ours is an age of heart transplants, brain operations, pinhole surgeries and test-tube babies. Science has excessively revolutionized the fields of agriculture and foo d production. H.Y.V. seeds (High yielding va! rieties); better pesticides and diffuse fertilizers developed by the scientists have increased our...If you want to beseech back a full essay, order it on our website:

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