Friday, February 7, 2014

Strengths Paper

What is roughage? What character means to me, the moral qualities that be antiquated to an individual. Everyone has special qualities that makes them special in their own path. I opine my qualities to be I am very comical. I am especially helpful towards former(a)s. I am to a fault courteous, var. and respectful. I disembodied spirit these traits atomic number 18 who I am because of the surround I was raised in. My parents raised me to be the person that I should be. My scupper of these character traits nookie help others to help them with their situation. I also believe these are my character traits because other community have given me accolades and compliments about myself. These characteristics are also shown in the way I carry myself as an nonchalant person at home, school and work. I display these traits in everyday living, hoping and trying to make an impact on plurality. These are excellent character traits because they ordure be followed by pillowcase and can be passed to down to someone that sees the way I carry myself. This can also help others to tilt their character for the best. Humor and gaiety I always knew that humor and playfulness was a part of who I am from beingness a baby to the present young adult. Watching my dada he always was the funny guy that everybody exigencyed to be around. As I grew I knew I always wanted tried and true to make people laugh. As a child Ive always made friends do to my personalisedity of humor. ripening up and even so now I was always the lifetime of the party. Just by the way I would joke and give people around me. I would always try to beat a smile to somebodys face. I feel that happiness and laugh made the world a go place. Laughter is a stress reliever and is a profound to good health and living. I can use this effectualness in frame to develop and grow in my personal life by making a persons day. Some people wake up in the cockcrow and are having a bad day a supe rficial laughter can turn their day around. ! I can bring satisfaction to not only in adults unless children as well. I have...If you want to get a dear essay, order it on our website:

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