Saturday, February 8, 2014


Legalization of Marijuana I. Introduction A. Third most best-selling(predicate) recreational medicine behind alcohol and tobacco B. employ by nearly ascorbic acid jillion Americans C. In past times form some 20 million Americans have smoke D. 14.5 million smoke regularly E. Many adults pick let on hemp to the use of alcohol as a personal manner prise, mild-mannered way to relax E. Largest cash rove in the US II. Gateway drug A. Considered a gateway drug because you have to go to the poor, bad areas of the US B. Exposes people to some former(a) harsher drugs III. Teenage use A. Big money for teenagers who allot it B. in that location will always be ways for teenagers to nab a hold of it IV. Criminal Prejudice A. Study found cops more than likely to let white college students get away with kill B. African American 1. Only 13% of population 2. 15% of annual marijuana users 3. still 26% of all arrests C. Hispanics 1. 15% of population 2. Even higher rate of arrest 34% V. Cost associated with Marijuana A. 800,000 Americans arrested on marijuana charges B. 5 million in the last decade C. 90% of which are for undemanding possession charge not trafficking and sale D. US spends billions of dollars more prosecuting marijuana offenses then that of other drugs E. $36,000 a prisoner per category F. Wastes jail space, wastes impartiality enforcement, and clogs up court systems G. Cops could be working more on the 25,000 murder cases per year VI. Medical take to be A. Not toxic or fatal like other drugs B. Overdose rate is nearly insurmountable 1500 lbs in 15 minutes C. Effective pain killer D. Relief from illness E. Helps in the treatment of depression VII. Hemp A. Great innate rope B. Used for clothes C. Bio Fuels 1. Efficient and cleanest 2. Keeps crop prices affordable 3. Allows family farms to produce cash crop instead of corporations 4. Reduce vitamin C emissions VIII. Conclusion A. US spends $10 billion dollars a year t! o go by marijuana off the streets, while calcium has a revenue enhancement of...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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