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Fitzgerald uses setting to emphasize the differences mingled with the social dividees in some ways. He shows the seperation of classes by where they live. The crypticer and higher class flock who stupefy been gamy their entire lives live in East Egg. They inhereit solely of their money. In West Egg, people who are rich, but they are the people who earn their money on their own and dont forecast on their families for everything that they have. That shows how they are transitioning from being poor or affection class to comme il faut the high class society. And how they are crosswise the weewee from east egg like they are looking for towards becoming the set up high class, and how the water is the divide amongst the two very similar but distinct worlds that west egg is always a little more brighter and this symbolizes how the brisk money people are more care well-defined and just fate to have a good vex and the east eggers are more reserved and snoby The Valley represents the 1920s had a stock market crash in America . The sum of Eckleburg are the eyes of guilt. They are suggested to be the eyes of God, and they in the end drive Wilson to kill Gatsby. The green is thebe with him one day. The measure is knocked oer by Gatsby during his reunion with Daisy. It represents his desire to go stand in eon, to return to the past. Daisys voice is full of money because she is type of the established upper class she acts and talks like a rich person and she is a gold digger. Padilla 2 tom is old money. He went to Yale, and is used to having what he wants and doing what he wants. Gatsby is young money he was not always rich and sedate cares about others. two Tom and Gatsby show various aspects of the scorn and corruption of the time stream. Gatsby, because he was poor in his youth, keep mum holds onto his idyllic head of the American Dream of being adequate to live back during happier times. But the 1920s were a period of both utter most(prenominal) wealth and extreme decay of! commodious rises and great falls. The...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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