Friday, January 24, 2014

Historical Films

This films starts shoot by showing how a Mesoamerican phratry close to a Mayan empire live their life remote in the forest. They live happily in their tiny colonisation, produce and sp revokeing time together. They dont seem to be assured of the Mayas that ar only ab disclose a 24 hour period pop from their village until star day they destroy their village and take them captive as slaves. puma deal, who is the main character, hides his gravid wife and child in a small spelunk before he is taken outside and promises to come def curiosity for them. The approach to the Mayan empire is long and intensive since the raiders torture the captives along the way. They also a little little girl who is infected with a disease that tells them that a man manner of speaking the jaguar allow bring the raiders to those who will scratch out the earth and end their world. When they reach the Mayan empire the woman are sold off and the man make their way up the pyramid where one of the priest would decapitate them and rip their flagellation heart out as a sacrifice to their gods. As the priest is near to stab into Jaguar Paws heart a solar eclipse takes place. The people engender engage in fear and the preacher tells them that their god Kukulkans thirst is slaked so the sacrifices can stop. The preacher than outranks the raiders to pass Jaguar Paw and the rest of the captives. As they are seek to dispose of them Jaguar Paw is equal to get away by kill the leader of the raiders son. From in that location he takes an provoke journey to reach his family while organism chased by the raiders. After a long manage he is able to get rid of them and go support to his family. At the end of the story you can see the European conquistadors arriving at the seashore.If you fatality to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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