Thursday, January 23, 2014


Political Differences among Germany and America Germany and America are deuce of the well-nigh successful countries in the world. some(prenominal) offer superior schooling governing bodys, employment markets, and a suitable living environment. They also contend similarities such as freedom of religion, diverse languages, and republican leaders. Nevertheless, the organize of the political system and the process of elections differ in Germany and America. Both countries have different attitudes on how to achieve and swear a stable economy. There are many differences between the two countries in their approach to democracy. approximately importantly, the US uses the nap system throughout, meaning that right to electors get to decide between several candidates, and a candidate contains more(prenominal) than 50 percentage of the votes in rate to win (Maisel 12-14). Germany uses a mixture of comparative and majority systems in order to ensure that the relation of parliamentary sit a party receives are exactly the equal as the proportion of voters favoring that party. That proportion must be larger than 5 percent while also allowing for local representation. The German system gives more power to the parties, since they decide which candidates to place on the list. Parties pay the election campaigns so that the candidates do not need to try substantial amounts of money. In return, there is a very extravagantly party loyalty in the German parliament. Parliamentarians vote their conscience only on rare, very important questions. Most of the time, they vote for the party line. Parties are financed by the taxpayers according to the proportion of votes received, corporeal business donations, and membership dues. Contrarily, the US Congress is some(prenominal) more independent. They raise campaign money on their stimulate or use their own. The party cannot even decide who will be their candidate in a particular race. This is decided in the primaries, races between the various! candidates in which every voter who declares themselves a supporter...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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