Tuesday, July 23, 2019


REDEFINING HAPPINESS THROUGH THE PRISM OF LIFE - Essay Example Does only living on and on means happiness untouched by what goes around us or even a brief stint of life, if its filled with satisfaction can be termed as a good life. Similarly, humans must also act in someway to fulfill their desires or needs as long as he or she may be alive. For years psychologists have tried to decipher the most generic code of conduct to guide humans through good and torrid times which means studying data on scale that even the most super of computer cannot negotiate with. Humans vary in nature and therefore there cannot exist a generic code of conduct however, if every one makes an effort to work out a way for himself and understand what s the best option while making any decision life could make some sense. When we know that this journey of life has to end someday then why almost all humans live life entirely differently from one another .The fact that ever since the evolution of man and despite its conquest of knowledge and power and freedom on his will, he has not been able to understand what really makes him happy after all this conquest has been made in search of satisfaction and happiness. Therefore if ever we wonder why in most humans life religion means a great deal lot. Religion although has no physical reality as such but for so long been able to provide answer to evading questions pertaining to our happiness. Thats why even after achieving so much materialistically humans turn to religion for soul searching to achieve satisfaction. Death: Unwanted Necessity We in our search for satisfaction since the beginning of time been able to change the world to our liking when those of who did that eventually had to leave this world one day. Still we are unable to comprehend that there are certain rules of thumb in place ever since man learned to sense things around him regarding what to prefer and what not to prefer in good and bad times. For instance we are likely to prefer pains that are short term rather than pains that are relatively long term. Fear and the Hope Factor: The truth of fact is that we are not sometimes intelligent enough for our own sake. We can be very chameleon like in different states of mind. At a given point in time we might commit our self to act differently where as we might do something different in reality. 1Psychologists call it the 'Hot' and 'Cold' states of mind and the difference in thinking and doing the 'empathy gap'. We treat life through the prism of happiness and satisfaction living always with a fear of death. This makes us sometimes to lean towards decision which could be far from making us happy and contented. A person due to lack of money might not be able to afford 500,000 $ sedan which would leave him feeling worthless for some time but after sometime he will be able to get back to his routine and live life normally. What we do not realize that we have defined happiness in our own way. Now, this short sightedness of scope lead the people to belief that inability to achieve something in the short run will make the discomfort to persist for longer period of time then would really happen. In between all this decision making the death factor holds an important place in peoples

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